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Your business is the bee's knees, and it's time for the world to see it too. Strategy-driven designs meant to turn the looky-loos into loyal customers. 

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Hey! I'm Kaitlyn.

Most know me for my witty sense of humor, caffeinated excitement for entrepreneurship and love affair with design. 

I have two young co-workers who run our office. They have been with Heinz Design from the beginning. I don't know their exact job description but I am pretty sure it's to spread continuous germs to everyone in the office. They like to use nick-names around the office and they've decided mine is "mom" and "mommy".

Oh and of course I am a brand and web designer who works with women entrepreneurs ready to rock their industry. 

i meet you where you are.

Whether you have an existing website needing a little TLC or you are looking to nail down your branding and have a great online presence that outshines the competition you'll find exactly what you need with tailor made packages. 

With an easy process from initial call to launch, you will be able to keep track of the VIP treatment I provide to every client I work with. 

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That's easy. Reach out to schedule a free consultation so we can sip coffee and chat about your dream website for your business. 

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